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Radio Sales Telemarketing/ Cold Calling Scripts That Work!

Call Out Script


Hi! My name is__________ with ________ Broadcasting and I personally wrote and produced two radio commercials for (business name). Is (business owner name) available?


Good morning! My name is_________ with _________ Broadcasting. I’m looking for the right person to talk to about two radio commercials I personally wrote and produced for (business name). I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.


Hi, [Prospect Name]. My name is _________ over here at ________ Broadcasting, the reason why I’m calling you is I have personally written and produced two radio commercials for [business name] that I’d love for you to listen to. We are your local radio stations _______, _______ and ________ that cover the area. Would next Tuesday or Thursday work best to present these to you?

Call Out Script (Alternate)
Hi this is __________ with _________ Broadcasting, is _______ Available?.

Hi _______ the reason for my call is that we’ve done some research on your business and our team has put together some professionally produced commercials for YOUR business. I’d / We’d like to come by next (Date) and take-up 6 minutes of your time to play them for you does (time) work for you?

Yes, This is exactly what you think it is. You will be writing 2 spec spots for the prospect when we confirm the appointment. Folks, we have a multitude of resources at our availability, starting with the top research assistant available, GOOGLE. We know what a Florist, Lawyer, Car Dealer, Dermatologist, Home Builder or any other business does. Most often the first set of commercials we will play leads to a more complete CNA and copy revisions. This presentation will hopefully accomplish that all in one trip and reduce the follow-up calls.

Some cold calling data to think about:


How much is an attempted call worth?

  • Out of all calls made, 12% result in a CNA appointment.
  • Out of all CNAs scheduled, 75% of those actually happen
  • Out of all CNAs completed we make a sale in some way, shape or form
  • Average Sale is about $6500 annually in small market radio.
  • So, each completed call is worth about $196
  • Each booked CNA is worth about $1625
  • Each Completed CNA is worth about $2166

These are NOT cumulative. They show the increase in value of the calls as they move down the funnel.

2. How many man hours to make your budget?

Our small market radio station (Murphy Broadcasting) is booking about 40 CNA appointments in two hours per week with just 5 people actively dialing.  So we are looking at 10 man hours for 40 CNA appointments.

Here Are The Best Times To Cold Call:

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What does it take to get a signed annual radio contract.

This data was taken from over 500 stations that use influence FM. Basically if a rep does 10 cold calls a week, that will equal 3 cna’s and 1 annual contract signed (on average). Now this is provided the cold call script is decent.

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Ten Best Email Opening Lines

10. Just getting back to you

9. The rumors are true

8. I’ve completed my research for you

7. Your day is about to improve

6. Let me start with an apology

5. Urgent

4. We have lift off

3. I’ll be honest with you

2. I have an answer for you

1. Good news


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