Smart Rate: Yield Management For Radio Rate Cards

State of the Art Contract Writer/Rate Card Generator

Exceed Goal Every Month and Get More Annual Contracts with Smart Rate!

Yield management for the radio broadcast industry, giving you complete control over your radio rates.

Over $250,000,000 Million Dollars in Radio Contracts Have Been Processed Through Smart Rate!

Control Your Radio Rates

Smart Rate takes into account the station, length of contract, number of commercials per day/week/month/total day of the week, daypart and a myriad of other factors to come up with rates that fit your needs.  Want to give discounts for longer schedules?  Smart Rate can be set to do that.  Want to charge more for news avails?  Smart Rate does that.  Want a simple order writer where reps just fill in rate?  Smart Rate can be set up that way too.

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  • Seamless Integration With Marketron 100% 100%

To Approve or Not to Approve

Take Back Control
+ Want contracts stopped at the sales manager for approval? No problem.
+ Texting and emailing the manager that a contract is waiting is all automated
+ When a contract has been approved, traffic is notified that an order is ready
+ When entered, the rep is notified automatically of the status
+ Integrated Production Order system

Complete Control Of Your Rates

At A Glance See All Orders Status

Extremely Customizable Rate Generator

Per User Rights Settings


Sales Rep Notified Instantly When Contract Is:

CRM Cancellations Notifications



Rejected Notes

Learn How You Can Get A Lot More For Your Rates

Produce contracts and schedules that encourage more annual buys. Not only will your clients want to buy more, but your sales reps will now push harder to sell longer and deeper contracts!

What else do we have up our sleeves?

+Built in Yield Management
+Customize your Rates and Multipliers based on
-Amount of ads being purchased
-Length of Contract
-Inventory levels
+Individual Contract rights on an employee-by-employee basis
+Easily create Fixed Rate and One Sheet Contract packages with defined Sell and Run dates, allowable stations and dayparts and more
-and much more!

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Smart Rate allows me to have complete control over my rates. The best part is that I can change rates and monitor orders from anywhere in the world!
Yogi Yoder (Prettyman Broadcasting)

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Built By Broadcasters, For Broadcasters

How can radio traffic make a happy person a miserable person?


I was just thinking about you last week when I heard that Nancy has quit her job in traffic at our radio stations. She said something about the job being too stressful and needing more calm in her life. From what I hear, she has taken a job as an air traffic controller at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. I’m glad she has started to mellow since a couple of months ago when she had to give away her Pit Bulls because she was scaring them.

Sound like anyone you know? A nice person goes to work at a radio station and takes a job in traffic only to find that their once sunny disposition is gnawed away at until people at the station start walking the other way when they see them coming…. throwing contracts on the traffic desk and running when they know the traffic director is in the restroom.

There is a better way. There is Smart Rate!

Smart Rate is a system where reps can go and enter contracts for your stations. The contracts will never have a math error. The contracts are VERY easy to read. They look just like your traffic screen. They’re date and time stamped so everyone knows who did what and when. They’re generated as PDF files so they can be printed or emailed.

Now, why am I telling YOU about this? Because we know that if you try this program, you will like it. And if you like it, you will tell your reps about it and they’ll use it. They’ll be happy and you’ll be happy! You win when your sales reps write better contracts; they win by not making mistakes that cost the company money. Your traffic director wins!

We hope you’ll try Smart Rate, and if you need help getting it set up for your company, call us at 888-244-0436 ext 2. Unlimited tech support is just another FREE service from influence FM!


The influence FM Team

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