Production: A Digital Production Order System For Radio Stations

Never hand file another production order!

Perfect Radio Commercial Production Every Time!

NO more fighting and he “said” she “said”. Reduce costs, increase efficiency and know where your ads are at all times.

Start a production order… all of your customer information is already there.

Want to see an ad from last year? It’s there too! Write copy when YOU want… or submit to your copywriter when the inspiration hits you. Track every piece of production every step of the way. Open a production order at any time to see its status. No more arguments about “I never got it” when using Production.

Contact Information

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Some of Productions Best Attributes

Productions orders verified and time stamped
+ Production order history with every status change
– Time
– Date
– Employee
– Secure database storage
+ MP3 hosting server! No burning spots to CD
+ Huge Selection of Production Companies with 1 Click
+ Set Production Order System rights user by user
+ It’s in the Cloud, Access from Anywhere
+ Go green! Paperless Production Order

Locate And Edit With Ease

Automated Misstep Oversite

View Status Of All Orders At Once


The Appropriate People Are Notified When Action Is Required

CRM Cancellations Notifications



Sales Reps


Production and traffic people LOVE Production

The system makes it easy for production and traffic departments to

+ Track down missing copy without having to track down a rep or a production director

+ Companies with multiple locations love Production because it makes it easy to turn their entire announcing team into one integrated group

+ Everyone always knows where everything is all of the time.

Production Orders For Broadcasters

Since the radio industry is like no other, our production system is one of a kind. Our system is built explicitly with broadcasters in mind. Our system was designed around you and your station’s needs.

Order Variables:

+Spot length

+Spot due date

+Spot style (Hard, Med, Soft)

+Number of voices +Co-op or not

+Cart #

+Talent request

+Needs jingle, tag, music bed, other

+Special instructions


+Character/seconds count

+Copy points (optional)

+Save drafts

View Order Status In:


+On Air

+Copy Points


+Needs Approval

+Production director needs to assign

+Production in progress


+Needs to be entered to traffic


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  • FREE phone support
  • Export all your data whenever

Built By Broadcasters, For Broadcasters

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