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Easy-to-use radio sales CRM and operations intelligence software to accelerate growth and make your radio station’s enterprise highly organized.

You can do more with your radio sales

Elevate your radio advertising game with influence FM’s radio sales CRM and software suite, the ultimate powerhouse in managing and optimizing advertising sales and scheduling. Imagine a world where creating dynamic advertising schedules, tracking sales leads and opportunities, managing contracts, and dissecting advertising performance is not just easy but incredibly efficient. That’s the world influence FM creates for you. By centralizing these critical functions into one intuitive platform, influence FM not only streamlines your advertising sales process but also turbocharges your overall efficiency. It’s not just a tool; it’s your strategic partner, empowering your radio stations to make data-driven decisions that skyrocket advertising strategies. Embrace the future of advertising with influence FM and watch your radio stations thrive like never before.

A CRM should save time

  • Get insights into running your radio station quickly
  • Get the information you need to make decisions
  • Simplify processes for sales, production, management and accounting

A CRM should help salespeople, not hinder them

  • Keep information on every customer in front of salespeople
  • Retrieve information no matter where the rep is
  • Be responsive to a salesperson’s needs
  • No wasting a salesperson’s time

A CRM should work the way you do

  • Be there when you need it, without constant interaction
  • Give REAL insights, not guesses
  • Work in Real Time
  • Eliminate friction from Cold Call to Sale

A CRM should not tie you down

  • Situations Change: You should not have to sign a contract
  • Features Change: You should not be charged more for improvements
  • Technology Requires Training: You should not be charged for unlimited training
  • You Need Answers Now: You should not have to go through a phone tree or ticket system
  • You Are Building a Sales Force: You should not have to pay extra for excellent sales training

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connect: A CRM for radio advertising sales

CRM For Radio

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Radio Rate Cards

Get longer and deeper buys and more annuals signed.

Digital PO's

Never let PO’s fall through the cracks ever again.

550k Copy Library

Never get writer’s block again. Save hours a week.

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Seamless Integration With Marketron
Seamless Integration With Marketron

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If you have not taken the time to look at, I highly recommend it. We signed up a couple of months ago for this software and are finally implementing it. Today influence offered training for my sales reps and they absolutely loved it! I can tell you that I have used RAB account managing program in the past but, this one to me is much better and more organized. It is exactly what my team needed and I know it will help us increase business by not letting any appointments fall through the cracks. I am looking forward to all the future plans that influence FM has in the works.

Paula Marx

Owner, KBON

“As a small, standalone radio station, we had always used spreadsheets, lists and a whole lot of sticky notes in an attempt to keep the sales department working like a well-oiled machine, however, this method proved to be cumbersome and far from efficient. Our sales staff were calling on the same people twice and sometimes three times and no one knew what the other sales people were doing and it was next to impossible to track the progress of my sales staff. Though we have known about Influence FM for a few years now, we always resisted to taking the plunge. We have evaluated MANY CRM’s, but none of the major players understood radio and the needs of a radio sales department and it’s workflow challenges. Influence FM knocked it out of the park. Recently, we revisited Influence FM and it has grown into the most complete CRM solution for radio that I have seen. It’s far from being a cookie cutter CRM. Influence FM is for radio….end of! We just signed a contract and both the sales staff and management of our radio station feel confident that with the well thought out platform that is Influence FM, we are going to be well on our way of making 2017 a record year for sales! Everything we need to truly be competitive in our market is in there. Proposals, copy, flexible rates and so much more! No matter if you are a part of a larger radio group or just a standalone station like ours, request a demo NOW and see what Influence FM can do for your bottom line.”

Jeff Davis

Owner, WHGM

My time as Production Director of a group of 9 radio stations has become much easier with the switch to influence FM. The program allows me to work from anywhere, but also to make order out of chaos. We process hundreds of commercials every month, and I can’t imagine trying to work without influence FM. The support staff is always a few seconds away at most and available through a chat system built into the program. They either have an answer to my question immediately, or they’ll work to find it as fast as possible, and they’ll have a work-around for me to use in the mean-time. I recommend influence FM to any radio station or group with no reservations.

Greg Craber

Production Director, IdaVend (Inland North Broadcastng)

As we approach the end of our 2nd year utilizing the influence FM system, I just wanted to send a quick note to you and your team expressing my appreciation not only of the system itself, but specifically with respect to the support that we have received over the past two years. The team is incredibly responsive and even eager to take on any new challenge that we pose as we push the limits of the influence FM system.

influence FM, once we got the buy in from all of our managers, really allows us to stay on top of client relationships which was critically important to us. We have 3 offices with their own sales teams and it can be difficult at time for me to stay up of each sales member. influence FM, not only allows us to see what they are/or are not doing, but when or how long it’s been since they have seen a particular client. When transitioning accounts between reps, influence FM makes it easy for a rep to get up to speed on client spending/history.

I look forward to working with you in the future on finding ways to better utilize influence FM and continuing to improve it.

Michael Boldt

General Manager, Martz Communication

I made the choice to subscribe to Influence FM for several reasons:

1- You developed this system to help others become winners. You guys are broadcasters, not computer geeks who have never sold any ad time or who have never run radio stations. I want to deal with people who speak my language and understand my pain.

2- I had a very good experience with IN A BOX, the system that preceded influence FM. IN A BOX was good, but INFLUENCE FM is great.

3- You offer competitive pricing for a very nice suite of services and have enough confidence in your product to not have to “handcuff” people into multi-year agreements to use it.

4- Your training and accessibility is superb. You don’t get that with the other services. They can’t compare.

5- You don’t nickel and dime your subscribers. I can’t tell you how irritating it is to subscribe to RAB and then have them charge extra for every seminar, webinar, training session, etc. They are looking out for themselves, not the poor broadcaster who needs ideas and training every day.

6- I love your features including: ROI, Smart Rate, Wiki Copy, Presentation Builder, Telemarketing, etc.”

Craig Hanson

President/CEO, Red Rock Broadcasting

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