Radio Station Owners and Managers: Is Your Radio Station Missing Out on Opportunities for Profit?

Now, a Suite of Tools that Can TRIPLE Your Profits (or MORE)!

Optimize Rates, Close More Deals, Streamline Commercial Production, and Lock in Clients with Stunning, Customized Presentations… Effortlessly!

Dear Radio Station Owner or Manager,

When you fully utilize influence FM’s CONNECT CRM, your salespeople must become accountable for their activities. You’ll be able to know which salespeople are shining stars… and which ones are just “skating by”… hoping you won’t notice.

And that can make a tremendous difference in your station’s ability to attract and retain high-quality clients… maximize profits… and remain viable in a world where advertisers have hundreds of other marketing options.

Now… the real question is this…

How can you really make your radio station as successful and profitable as possible?


But tell me… do you struggle with any of these other issues on a day to day basis?


Determining Rates

You spend hours trying to determine optimal rates based on commercial frequency, day parts, length of contract, and other factors… time that you’d instead be spending managing your station (or actually enjoying a life outside of work)!

Tracking Down Production

Keeping track of commercial orders (and knowing the status of each order) is nearly impossible!

Never Production Status

Managing commercial production remotely is an impossible task… and even if you’re at the station, it’s still hard to see whether production is on pace!

Writing Contracts

Writing contracts takes valuable hours out of your week – and you’re never 100% sure that they’re solid contracts!

Can Never Leave

You feel like you can’t go out of town (or, perish the thought, take a vacation) because you can’t monitor the progress of orders from a remote location!

Still Burning CDs

You’re still burning production commercials to CDs… which can easily be lost or damaged, forcing you to try to find and burn off the file again!

Contract Approvals

Getting sales manager approval on contracts can be a cumbersome task… and approval delays can put you and your sales representatives in an awkward position with your clients!

Sales & Production Fights

Producing a commercial turns into a nightmare round of “he said, she said” that ends up in delays and frustration… and leads to upset clients!

Hours Spent on Presentations

Getting professional presentations customized to your clients’ needs is expensive and slow… and you feel like you have no control over the process!

If you’re like most radio station owners and managers, you probably nodded your head when you read at least a few of those.

That’s because most owners and managers don’t have the resources to streamline rates, contracts, commercial production, presentations, and all of the other tasks that go into making money for their stations!

Instead, they’re taking care of these tasks the “old fashioned way” (that is, by hand)… which is cumbersome and can lead to mistakes and headaches!

But Fortunately, There’s a Better Way to Streamline the Tasks that Puts Money in Your Station’s Bank Account!

Let me ask you…

What if you had access to a software system that could automatically produce optimized rates based on the criteria you select… saving you from the hassles and guesswork of generating rates on your own? What if you could automate the contract process from beginning to end… eliminating errors and delays that could make your clients hesitant to do business with you? What if you had cloud-based, centralized commercial production where everyone involved could access what they needed to keep production running on schedule… and that you could monitor from anywhere in the world that offers an internet connection? And what if you could quickly and inexpensively produce presentations that are not only beautiful and professional… but are fully customized for each additional client?

  • You’d feel confident knowing that you and your station can give each client individual, professional treatment from the very first day!
  • You’d feel optimistic about the future success of your radio station, knowing that you’re going to be able to attract high-paying, loyal clients that are happy to do business with you!
  • You’d feel relieved knowing that commercial production efforts won’t be delayed by missing information, communication errors, or lost data!
  • You’d feel empowered, knowing that you have full control over the presentation, rate, contract, and production processes… enabling you to provide guidance (or make changes) before a problem occurs!
  • You’d feel relaxed, knowing that you can finally spend time with your family or even enjoy a vacation without worrying about your station’s operations coming apart at the seams!

If you’ve owned or managed a radio station for a while, you probably feel like this must all be a pipe dream, right?

But I’ve got great news for you – simple software tools can give you all of these advantages and more…

And right now… these tools are right at your fingertips!

Introducing influence FM


Connect CRM:

Dramatically increase client loyalty, improve productivity of your sales staff, and ensure that your radio station remains profitable at all times! Propel your station to new heights and revenue!

Connect provides complete oversight of every step of the sales process and guarantees no opportunities slip through the cracks, ever!

Not only is our software made for radio, it is actually developed in a radio station! And we have been doing radio for 45 years. We get what you need and we want you to have our tools!

Smart Rate:

Our Smart Rate system automatically generates optimal rates based on criteria such as day parts, length of contract, and frequency of commercial play during a given day, week, or month. This means less time spent taking care of these tasks by hand.

Smart Rate also helps you generate contracts easily and automates the contract approval process from beginning to end, helping to avoid miscommunications that can frustrate you, your sales representatives, and your clients.

The software streamlines the process of getting contracts in front of your sales manager for approval, so that you can get deals done more quickly. Your reps will even be notified of contract approval or rejection instantly… and your sales manager can even leave detailed notes on rejected contracts!


Miscommunication can make commercial production go badly in a hurry… but with Production, you won’t have to worry about communication problems any longer. The cloud-based storage means that everyone involved with the production of a commercial will have the access they need. It also means that you can oversee the process from beginning to end, and quickly see each activity in real-time.

With Production, you can access the information for any commercial production project from any computer with Internet access… so if you’re out of town on business, working from home, or even enjoying a relaxing vacation, you can still keep tabs on the progress of each project!

Presentation Builder:

Custom, professional presentations can be expensive… and creating them in-house can be a slow and frustrating process. But with our cloud-based Presentation Builder software, you can quickly and easily create stunning presentations to win over even your most discerning clients! Even better, customizing your presentations for each client is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse!


You Get All Of Our Great Radio Management Tools For The Price of One!

We know you’re going to be thrilled with the power that Connect, Smart Rate, Production, and Presentation Builder gives to you and your station. We’re excited to hear about how this suite of tools helps you get and keep more clients, maximize revenues, and even enjoy time away from the day-to-day tasks of running your radio station.

P.S.: You’re getting more than $15,000 worth of tools to increase your profits and decrease your stress level… but you’re investing less than you’re probably getting for just a few radio spots! Don’t wait to take your radio station’s success to the next level – click the button below and tap into the raw power of influence FM’s suite of tools today!

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