Radio sales is hard! influence FM wants to make your life a little easier by providing a list of ideas on how to overcome sales objections.


1.1 Then I’m glad I came to see you today! I have some specific plans that will help increase store traffic, move more products and make your register ring more often.

1.2 What are you going to do to make them improve? You know, some people WAIT for things to get better; others MAKE them better. C’mon…you’ve got to make plans to maintain your market share.

1.3 I understand. And in every slow economic period, those businesses that continue to advertise bounce back faster and stronger than those who don’t.

1.4 You’re open for business everyday. Fewer and fewer people are coming in. It’s not going to get any better until you something about it. Tell your customers you’re here and you have things their budgets may be able to afford.

1.5 Well, there’s still business to be had. What is available should, at least, go to you. That’s why it is vital to maintain your ad program – so that you get your share of the business.

1.6 You’re obviously reacting to the fact that your customers aren’t spending money right now. But they still have the money to spend. Someone is going to get it. Let them know why it should be you.

1.7 Several people I’ve spoken with told me the same thing. Here’s what they found by advertising with us…

1.8 I suppose you can look at it from an entrepreneur or accountant’s point of view. Entrepreneurs will look at and try almost anything to build business. Accountants will try to pull back, cut costs and save. You’re the entrepreneurial type, aren’t you?

1.9 Advertising is designed to build business. What better time to advertise than when you really need it?

1.10 Your competitors are going through the same tough times as you are. Now is the time to hang in there. Now is the time to be stronger. Dig deep. You may beat them when this thing is all over.


2.1 I understand. You don’t want to make a rash decision. But, level with me—what exactly is it that you need to think about?

2.2 I can see that. Tell me something – is it money?

2.3 What questions have I not answered for you:

2.4 Why? Is it me? Or the integrity of my station?

2.5 When I leave, you’ll probably think of all the reasons NOT to buy. You’ll think of all the negatives and I won’t be here to address them. Let’s talk about it now. Do you need to think about the price? The Schedule? The copy?

2.6 When could I have a definite yes or no? Why don’t I wait in the lobby until you decide?

2.7 If someone told one of your salespeople that, what would you suggest they tell their reluctant prospect?

2.8 I know that you are as busy as I am. Let’s decide now, save time, and have this decision out of your way.

2.9 You impress me as a proactive thinker. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

2.10 I understand. Please remember that I can only offer this program until (deadline). Where are we missing each other?

2.11 Great! Think it over, and I’ll call you in one hour.

2.12 We have been thinking about this for some time. We agree on the theme, copy, dates, schedule and investment. Let’s go ahead now.

2.13 You’re not just saying that to get rid of me, are you?

2.14 Obviously somewhere I have failed to completely explain this program to you, because if I had, there would be nothing for you to “think about.” What specific questions to you have?


3.1 That’s okay! I’ll simply make a note on our agreement that is subject to his/her approval. You can OK it for me today, and then we’re ready to start once they approve.

3.2 Let’s speak with him/her now and get that OK!

3.3 I understand. What specifically will you need to discuss with him/her!

3.4 Of course. You know, I would never expect you to do my job for me. Let’s set a time when I can meet with him/her in person.

3.5 If you feel something is a good idea for your business, will your partner trust you to make that decision?

3.6 When do you plan to meet? Ok, I’ll call you this afternoon and confirm the start date.

3.7 What questions will he/she have? Let’s address them now!

3.8 Why not speak with him/her now while I make some telephone calls. Then if he/she has any questions I’ll be here to answer them.

3.9 When will it be convenient for me to talk with him/her? I’d like you to be there too. I’m sure he/she has great respect for your decision.

3.10 If you could make this decision today, without your partner’s decision, would you approve it?

3.11 Are YOU convinced this opportunity is right for your business?

3.12 When your partner approves, how long will the lead-time be before we can get started?

3.13 Level with me. What are our chances?

3.14 Help me. What will he/she view the advantages and/or disadvantages of this to be? If you were in my shoes, when you and I are there to propose this, how would you deal with each of the issues?


4.1 Of course. And we at WXXX will meet or exceed ANY competitive media guarantee.

4.2 OK. Here’s the guarantee: Run 9 ads a day. 10 days in a row. If you get absolutely no response whatsoever…I will re-run the schedule for another 10 days at half price.

4.3 If you need a guarantee…buy a toaster!

4.4 That’s why I have concentrated all these commercials over a short period of time. Combined with a good incentive, this campaign should accomplish your goals.

4.5 Specifically what are your goals for this campaign? How will you be measuring response?

4.6 I understand. And to ensure the campaigns success, I want to meet with your sales staff, so that I can play the ad for them, show them the written copy, and see what questions they may have about it. May I meet with them now?

4.7 Noooooo problem. I guarantee the ads will run. I guarantee that I will work hard on the copy, the schedule, and monitor the campaign’s response with you every step of the way. Our success depends on your success.

4.8 I’ve spoken with several people who felt the same way. Here’s what they found when they ran with us… (testimonial letters, success stories, tape-recorded testimonials).

4.9 OK…as long as I can run the following offer: “The first 10 people who come into (name of business) Tuesday between 3pm and 4pm and say they heard this ad on WXYZ will receive a crisp, new $50 bill. No purchase necessary.”

4.10 I will guarantee you RESPONSE if you guarantee me the same budget you give the newspaper within the same amount of time.

4.11 I guarantee you this—every one of my competitors will be calling you by the third day of the campaign. If they hear it, I wonder who else will?


5.1 I’m sorry. What happened? What did you advertise? When? What was the offer? The price? The schedule? Let’s analyze the campaign and see what happened.

5.2 Radio works—evidenced by the many local advertisers who regularly use it. What doesn’t work sometimes is a campaign or an element of a campaign. Let’s see what the specifics of that campaign were and how we can improve it this time.

5.3 I know how you feel. But let me ask you a question. Have you ever had a bad meal in a restaurant? Maybe a steak that wasn’t cooked the way you like it. Does that mean because you had one bad steak in one particular restaurant you’ll never eat steak out again? Of course not. Maybe your last experience with radio was like that one bad steak.

5.4 How were you measuring response? How is this campaign going to be evaluated? How do you know that it did or didn’t work?

5.5 Was it radio that didn’t work or another station that didn’t work?

5.6 Here are several testimonials from local radio users. Look at how our station works with you to accomplish your goals.

5.7 How do you handle this problem when a customer brings it to you?

5.8 Are we comparing apples and apples? Let me show you how our brand of radio WORKS for customers like you.

5.9 Here are several people in your business category who are using radio—and specifically our station—with success. Let’s analyze their campaigns and see how we can make things work for you.

5.10 That’s why I want to spend some time touring your location. Talking with you about your business. Borrowing some of your industry trade magazines. Then I can design a campaign that will meet your needs, rather than just sell you ads.


6.1 Already spent or already allocated?

6.2 I understand. Let’s identify some key vendors or suppliers of yours who can fund this campaign with come co-op or vendor money.

6.3 I see. If you’re really convinced that this program will work, doesn’t it make sense to FIND the dollars you need?

6.4 Let’s evaluate your ad budget and see where we can find some dollars for this campaign.

6.5 That’s why I reshaped your newspaper ads from last week! Look at the budget we can create by using ¼ page ads instead of half page ads. You save 50% of the cost and the number of people who see your newspaper ad drop by only 5%. Those savings will allow you to reach listeners each week. Let’s start today!

6.6 I respect that. But dollars aside, if I could show you a way that the campaign could work for you, would you be interested?

6.7 Budgets are done in pencil. That’s why you should still take this. The schedule will help you over-achieve your revenue goals, and you’ll be ahead based on the bottom line.

6.8 Are there other budgets or funds that we could tap for this opportunity? Signature, sampling, or promotional budgets?

6.9 If you did have the budget, would you start today? Good! Then let’s find the dollars we need.

6.10 If you believe this program will bring you more business, isn’t it worth changing/moving around your budget?

6.11 As you continue to grow in your industry, you’ll find that every once in a while opportunities arise that aren’t in the budget, yet too beneficial to pass up. I have to either think you don’t see the strong benefit here or you’re going to buy it. Which one will it be?


7.1 Rephrase – “Too high?” Repeat the objection, sounding confused. That will get you a much more direct answer.

7.2 Let me ask you a question. Why is this item (pick an expensive item in the store) priced so much higher than this one (pick an inexpensive one)? Well, see there! Radio—and specifically our station—is exactly the same.

7.3 Yes they are! Thank you. We have worked very hard to get them to where they are today. Here’s why we are worth it….

7.4 Getting what you pay for is truer today than ever! Let me make a point-by-point comparison between us and the other station to show why we command a higher rate.

7.5 We don’t set our rates. Our advertisers do. They’re priced purely upon demand. If business people like you didn’t see success from using us, they wouldn’t pay our rates.

7.6 I’m sorry! I must apologize. I haven’t done a good enough job of showing you why we are worth this rate. Let me show you what sets us apart from the others…

7.7 Doesn’t it make sense that if the other stations could justify the rates that we have that they would charge that much too?

7.8 Actually, the rate breaks down to $X per listener, $X per day, and $X per hour (reduce to the ridiculous).

7.9 What is the real cost if you buy the cheaper stations and they don’t work?? Haven’t you grossly overpaid? Aren’t you really interested in the best value for your dollar?

7.10 Just how much “too high” do you think the rates are? Do you realize that it’s really only a difference of $X? Isn’t the increased value worth that modest amount?

7.11 Why do you suppose the other station’s rates are so low compared to ours? Ask me and I’ll say, “They know what they are worth!”


8.1 What are you buying on TV? Where do your ads run, inside the program or at the top or bottom of the hour? How many late nights, fringe times? On our station, you can get all PRIME TIMES!

8.2 Good! Let’s reference your ad on our radio schedule by saying “As seen on TV”. That way, all your advertising works together.

8.3 I know you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, do you? Radio reaches the many people who will miss your ad on TV

8.4 Many TV watchers are now watching cable or playing video games. Let’s make sure we reinforce your TV message with radio ads to reach customers while they are driving to your store (or to your competitors).

8.5 Fine, and by the same token, radio can reach your target customers on the job where there’s not TV set on. Let’s schedule plenty of those ads to encourage people to shop on their way home from work.

8.6 That’s great, but do you realize with radio you can get the “last word” with the customers—the last message before they buy?

8.7 Viewers usually head for the refrigerator or bathroom during commercials. Radio enables you to sell them all the time.

8.8 Will your ad stand out from all the clutter of commer5cials? Our station runs only ____ commercials hourly to ensure that your message stands out.

8.9 Research shows that TV viewership DECREASES as household income INCREASES. Our radio station’s audience reaches these upscale customers. Isn’t an upscale, ready-to-spend customer important to you?

8.10 How much are they charging you to produce your ad? We continue to provide the writing and recording of your commercial with your schedule. Isn’t that important added value for you?


9.1 That’s what many of our biggest advertisers said the first time I spoke with them! Let me show you who we are and what we do….

9.2 Look at this list of local business people, just like you, who are enjoying successful campaigns on our station.

9.3 What would you like to know?

9.4 Our listeners and the community as a whole have! Look at what we have been doing (show current press, pictures, letters, list of events)…

9.5 Do you suppose there are people who haven’t heard of your store? Here’s how we can help you reach them!

9.6 Here’s what several people who have heard of us had to say (play station advertiser success tape/composite).

9.7 That’s why I came here today! We have some exciting plans to help you build your business!

9.8 Our listeners have! Did you know that we talk to ____listeners every week? And ___% of them are in the market for your product. That interests you, doesn’t it?

9.9 The fact that you’ve never heard of my station isn’t the issue here. The REAL issue is whether or not we can produce results for you. If we can work for (list business, show success letter), I feel confident we can work for you, too.

9.10 When I first moved to (name your market), I had never heard of our station either. But, I fell across it one weekend when we were airing a (list prospect’s favorite artist) special. Then, I found out XX (number of people) move in and out of (name market) every month. Don’t you want to reach them when they’re listening to us for the first time and before they establish their purchase patterns?

9.11 Have your neighbors? Other family members? Your best friends? Ask them what they think. If they’ve ever heard of us. Quite frankly, it’s not what you or I think or know of, but what the masses do.


10.1 Now that’s an interesting statement. Is that your perception, based on experience, or is it based on what someone has told you?

10.2 Who do you think they listen to? Why?

10.3 Let’s talk specifically about who your customers are. How old are they? How far do they drive to get to your store? What are your “hot” zip codes? How much do they spend on an average visit? The frequency of visits on a typical week? Month? I didn’t tell you this yet, however, our listeners tend to be the most loyal consumers in their age groups. Our only objective is to convince them to just come here ONCE. Then you don’t need our station if you don’t feel we’re not a “preference” match.

10.4 I see. You know, many of our largest advertisers felt the same way the first time we spoke to them. Here’s what they found out about our listeners and their customers (offer support).

10.5 Any many of our listeners don’t shop here, because you aren’t talking to them!! You know, people go where business is invited. After all, let’s talk about going to a party. When was the last time you went to a party without being invited?

10.6 Let me show you how many do! I’ll run 5 free ads next Tuesday between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., saying that anyone who comes in during that time will get a $50 bill—Free! No purchase necessary!

10.7 You and I may not LOVE the radio station. However, I will GUARANTEE you some of your customers do. Just how many is not as important. BUT…doing business without advertising on our station is like winking to someone of the opposite sex (your wife, husband, girl/boyfriend) in the dark. The only person who will know what you’re doing is you. There is a CULT of people out there who listen to our station. And only our station. If you don’t think your current customer base listens to us, how about capitalizing on a new group that does. Have you ever looked at the value of this audience, then offer support and backup?


11.1 Do you love every piece of inventory in your store? No? So, what you’re saying is that even though you don’t personally like or use each item, you still stock it? Why? To accommodate different tastes! So really, what music we play isn’t really the most important issue, is it? What is most important is who we can reach for you!

11.2 Don’t tell anyone, but…I don’t like all of it either! The important point is that we have over _________ people that do every week. They get paid every week, so they can buy products and services like yours. Whether you and I listen to it isn’t important. The fact is that over ________ people do.

11.3 Wouldn’t you agree that smart business people don’t throw good money after bad? Well ____% of our best advertisers renew every month! That tells me one thing…our station is delivering the audience and response that makes our advertisers successful.

11.4 I understand. My purpose in coming to see you is not to convert you into becoming a listener. My purpose is to show you how our station can increase your store traffic.

11.5 We all have our own personal tastes. But we’re talking business here. I’m not asking you to take a personal decision, but I am asking you to look at this campaign from a business prospective.

11.6 Our station has featured this music format since ____. Over ____ % of our clients renew monthly. Even though you personally don’t care for the music…don’t you agree that many other people do…and find that it works for them?

11.7 Across the country, our type music is preferred by ___% of people in your target age group! Locally, ___% of those people prefer our music. While I appreciate the fact that you personally don’t prefer our music, can you afford to ignore ___ people who do? Especially considering that they have an annual disposable income of ___________.

11.8 But your customers and your competitor’s customers DO. Don’t you have SOMETHING you want to sell them?


12.1 Great! Then I’ll get some ads on the air today to tell people that, so they won’t come in here and cause you problems.

12.2 What is your attrition factor? How many of your present customers will be gone by this time next year? If your average is 20% like most of us, we need to start replacing that 20% now!

12.3 I’m sure you tell your employees not to be satisfied with current performance levels, don’t you? Your business depends on growth and improvement. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could help your situation. Let me show you how…

12.4 What have you done to get to that point? Congratulations! Here’s how we can build on those concepts to get you to the next level.

12.5 Your competitor doesn’t need to advertise either. But they are now. What do they know that you don’t? What if they take your customers?

12.6 Did you read IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE? That book sold over 5 million companies! The main theme is that the best companies are always looking for ways to grow and improve…isn’t that how you are? You’d like to see some ideas and plans to help you grow, wouldn’t you?

12.7 That’s great that you have all you NEED! Do you have all that you WANT? What would a new customer be worth to you in terms of additional profit?

12.8 Will that be true one month from now? In order to maintain or grow…you need to advertise now, so that you can maintain your current level of business. Everyone experiences shrinkage.

12.9 Great! Now, let’s work together to make sure you get your UNFAIR share.

12.10 Then, let’s not focus on bringing new customers into your store, but what about RAISING you prices? Then, some advertising may build up upon the little base you lose. But, all in all, the price increase puts you AHEAD!

12.11 This one’s pretty simple and hard to argue with. If you’re satisfied with your existing customer base and aren’t interested in growing, I won’t try to dissuade you. It’s a nice position to be in—just make sure you can count on those customers for the long haul.


13.1 I understand…and as I’m sure you know, newspaper readership is declining among adults over age 18…here’s how we can offset that decline.

13.2 Although the population continues to rise, newspaper circulation has remained flat from 1970 to the present. Doesn’t it make sense to begin allocating some dollars to radio, which continues to grow?

13.3 The average adult spends 30 minutes a day with the paper compared to 3 and a half-hours with radio. Let me ask you…do you stand a better chance of selling a customer something if they spend a lot of time in your store, or just a little?

13.4 Newspaper does a great job of reaching your old established customers. But how about new customers? If your business is like most you’ll lose about 20% of your customers this year due to attrition. Isn’t it wise to reach new customers with radio?

13.5 Good! Let’s refer people to your ad through our radio ads which can say “see our ad in today’s paper.” That way, you’ll reinforce your print ad, AND reach the many people who won’t see your ad.

13.6 I know you won’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, will you? Radio reaches many more people than the paper today.

13.7 Every radio ad is a full page ad—you don’t have to worry about being dwarfed by bigger or more colorful ads.

13.8 Radio uses “theater of the mind” to create vivid mental images of your business and products. That image is stronger and brighter than any print ad. Doesn’t it make sense to create those strong, positive mental images of your business?

13.9 But what about the XX number of people who don’t subscribe to the paper? How do you intend to tell them about your business?

13.10 In today’s society, not everyone has time to read the newspaper. Remember, time has become a precious commodity. The paper has seen shrinkage because of this.


14.1 I understand…but with all that word of mouth, you can’t control what is said, or by whom. With our station, you know EXACTLY what is being said, when it is said, and who says it.

14.2 Unfortunately, bad word of mouth spreads faster and more often than good. Why leave that important message to chance?

14.3 It does work well! And that’s what radio is…good, strong, positive word of mouth…that reaches ________ thousand people weekly.

14.4 And we were responsible for starting positive word of mouth for ________ businesses last week alone! Can’t we have the pleasure of including you next week?

14.5 You know, many of our most successful advertisers said that same thing when I first called on them. They have found out that nothing starts word of mouth faster than our station. For example…(testimonials, success letters).

14.6 Is that enough in todays’ economy? With so many people moving in and out of town, and having so little loyalty, why leave your good name and reputation to chance?

14.7 What is your growth objective for the next quarter? Can those numbers be achieved by hoping for positive word-of-mouth?

14.8 Great! Let’s use actual recorded comments from your best, happiest customers in your commercials! That will generate even more good word of mouth and goodwill.

14.9 Think of your toughest or biggest competitors. Are they aggressively advertising to take your customers? Are a few chance comments enough to counteract that?

14.10 How will people know for sure the true story? The right facts? What if a rumor starts about you? We can set the record straight, and tell a positive story about you on our station.

14.11 There are people in the market for what you sell everyday. Why not tell them to come in here instead of your competitor.


15.1 I’ll be glad to. And I know that as the owner of this business, you are more concerned than anyone about the profit and loss statement. What I have to show you can result in a larger profit from your advertising program. I’m sure you will want to see this plan before I present it to your agency.

15.2 Of course. By you and I reviewing this proposal, you will be better prepared to discuss it with your agency, right?

15.3 I understand that you’re busy. So am I. That’s why I want to explain our campaign to you and your agency, so that the decision-making process will be easier and more efficient.

15.4 Certainly. We believe it’s proper business to at least speak to the person who signs the checks. Here is what we will be discussing with your agency.

15.5 Our corporate policy is that we do our clients the courtesy of meeting them, and providing them with material that we present to their agency. Don’t you consider that appropriate?

15.6 Thank you for that information. When can we all sit down together to go over this important idea?

15.7 We pride ourselves on developing positive relationships with clients and their agencies. That’s why I am showing you this courtesy.

15.8 I always do. That’s why I am here. I want you to have a copy of the same data and recommendations that we prepared for them.

15.9 I understand why you want me to talk with your agency and I have/will, however there are some questions I would like to ask you.

15.10 I have, but because you are the person who ultimately makes the decision, I wanted to see if you had any questions on the proposed program and get your feedback.

15.11 I’m glad you want me to present this to them; but they won’t return our calls, give us the opportunity to present, or give us the time of day. Do you have any suggestions on how they might give us those courtesies?


18.1 I can respect that. But, let me make one thing clear. Television has Nielsen and other rating services to contend with. Radio has Arbitron as a ratings service. Newspaper has the Starch Reports. What does cable have? Nothing. I’d be concerned if I were you. They’re not accountable to anyone or anything.

18.2 Research shows one of the top two reasons people get cable is for the movie channels. Which movie channel are you advertising on? None of them. Because the HBO’s and the Showtimes of the world don’t have any advertising.

18.3 Over the past six months, several businesses have found out the same thing—combining cable and our station gets great results. Here’s how we can do the same thing for you….

18.4 Do you know EXACTLY when your ads will run? On what channels? Here’s how we can give you even more specific times—and a larger audience for your messages.

18.5 I know that you won’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Here’s why we can give your campaign a strong 1-2 punch.

18.6 As you know, cable reaches only _____ households in our market. And we can’t be sure who, if anyone is watching at a given time. Our station reaches ____ people every week, and we get heard, as evidenced by these success stories. ..

18.7 That’s great for evenings—but how will you reach your customers during the day? At work? In their cars? Our station can reach those people for you while they’re out of their houses, mobile, able to stop in at your store. Here’s our plan for you…

18.8 You and I both know cable is to TV what weekly throwaway newspapers are to the dailies. Aren’t you concerned about an image that you are creating? Admitting you can’t play with the big boys. Our station, quite frankly, is at the top of the pack. You’re making a statement when your competitors hear you on our radio station!


19.1 I can’t argue with that. They’ve worked for many other businesses just like yours. But, do you realize all your competitors have ads right on top of yours! Here’s how you can break away from the pack with radio and really stand out.

19.2 Since you can only change copy once a year, your ad has to be fairly generic. Now, since you’re basically stuck with that old set of copy, here’s how we can promote those special sales you have. With SPECIFIC price and item points.

19.3 Yellow pages are an important reference tool—an important part of a well-rounded campaign. So is radio, and our station specifically. Here’s how we can create impact for you…

19.4 Here are several letters from businesses like you who have had great success with us—in addition to Yellow pages. We can do the same kinds of things for you!

19.5 How many people will see your ad next week? On our station, you will reach ____ customers. That’s too big of a group to miss, isn’t it?

19.6 The Yellow pages are a good use of and/or substitution for your print dollars. That will save money for radio. We can now actively reach business for you.

19.7 If I ran your ads back to back with all your competitors, you’d be upset, wouldn’t you? So why pay big money to the Yellow pages for that privilege? Instead of a big, expensive display ad, let’s go with a listing—and invest the savings with us. We will make sure your ad stands out from the competition.

19.8 How much has your Yellow page expense gone up in the last couple of years? Radio’s costs are up the least of all the major media. We’re efficient…we make your budget go farther and that’s smart spending, wouldn’t you say?

19.9 There’s only one Yellow pages. You’ve got to like them or you’re out of luck. But, with us it’s different. We have competition. We’ve got to be sharp, or you’ll go somewhere else. Well, maybe we’ll get you next time. But, until then…be sure they cherish your business and give you the service you deserve.


20.1 Is your mailing list accurate? So many people move every year, and you may be paying for wasted coverage. There’s not any waste with us…our _____weekly listeners can hear your ads wherever they are.

20.2 That’s fine, and I’m sure you’ve noticed how the costs keep rising. Radio’s costs are up the least of all the major media. Let me show you how cost effective a campaign can be.

20.3 I’m sure you’ve experienced mail getting some place late! With radio, we can be on the air the EXACT day the sale starts and be finished the day the sale ends.

20.4 We can help your mailer stand out from everything else in the box! We can get people’s attention and ensure that they see your direct mail piece when it arrives.

20.5 We do direct mail, too…supported with our own on-air ads. It works well for use—here’s how it will work for you…

20.6 If I were to promise response from only 1% of my audience, you wouldn’t be very impressed, would you? Isn’t that what direct mail promises? Here’s a plan that will reach many more CUSTOMERS on our station.

20.7 Can you be sure that the person you want to see your mailer sees it? On our station, our audience of ____ people in your target customer group (demographic group) hear the ads when they play, you reach your target customer with much less waste. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

20.8 Fine, and I’m sure you have planned way ahead to accommodate the deadlines. What happens if conditions like delivery or weather change at the last minute? You have great flexibility with radio. Here’s our plan…

20.9 That’s very common these days. You know…we can make your message even stronger by delivering the same offer. The same coupon. The same thing direct mail can. What’s best—we’ll be reaching new people. Those who may not get your direct mail piece.


21.1 I’m sorry. It’s just that we’re so excited about this opportunity that we have all been trying to see as many people as possible to talk about it. Here’s what I mean…

21.2 Yes…and as soon as you commit to a schedule, you can work with just one of us! Seriously, we want the opportunity to show you what we can do to build your business. Here’s what I suggest.

21.3 Is that a problem for you? Why?

21.4 I can’t speak to the other reps who called you—but I am here now. I have ideas to help build your business. I can offer you help with all of your advertising, radio or otherwise…where would you like to begin?

21.5 Each quarter our management assigns us key businesses, which are poised for growth in this area to study…to see how they work and grow. It looks like you’ve been selected more than once. I’m sorry about the duplication, but while I’m here can you tell me…

21.6 Well, you haven’t been on our station yet. We do so well for so many businesses! We got concerned that maybe the other people had alienated you, or said something that offended you. Is that the case?

21.7 Would you prefer to deal with me, or shall I have my manager speak with you about this?

21.8 I’m sure you have had some employee turnover from time to time. We’re no different. But, like you, I’m here to work with you for the long-term. The issue isn’t really who called on you…but what we can do for you, wouldn’t you agree? Here are two ideas you can put to work IMMEDIATELY!

21.9 How were the other two?

21.10 I understand. Establishing a relationship takes time and that’s what I’m here to do with you. And while we’re working on our relationship, I want to help you increase your bottom line.


22.1 Who do I need to see at home office? May I have your written recommendation? Is there someone at the district or regional level we should see?

22.2 Can this plan be placed in another budget category? That way, when the program has worked, you can take credit for this great idea without having gone over budget in a certain area!

22.3 Let’s call them right now and see if we can get them to change their mind.

22.4 Why is that? What are the specific reasons? Have they made exceptions before?

22.5 Instead of advertising dollars – let’s look at promotional, contingency or discretionary funds.

22.6 Is it a matter of money? If so, let’s get this funded through some of your key vendors or suppliers.

22.7 Do they let you do the newspaper? If so, let’s re-configure the ad, so that you can do the campaign on our station, still use the print ad, and not exceed your budget. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

22.8 Who makes the decisions there? Let me help you with him/her.

22.9 OK…but the home office needs to know this is a different market. It has different needs. Being involved with a community-wide program like this will be paramount to your success.

22.10 What’s the maximum expenditure you can make without having to involve them? This program requires a $99 payout for just 8 straight weeks.

22.11 There are LEADERS and there are FOLLOWERS. What I’d like to do is get you involved with this campaign, because once you start it, the rest of the chain will follow. Let’s make you LOOK GOOD to the home office.

22.12 There’s an exception to every rule. How do we get the home office to think outside the box?


23.1 You must have had a 1 in 50 experience. Specifically, what happened? How long ago did you use us? Let’s review the copy, schedule, merchandise, and the offer. Let’s see what might have happened.

23.2 That opinion is based on what? If you measured it, how were you measuring results and response?

23.3 Has every newspaper ad you’ve done worked? Probably not, yet you’re still in the paper. Every ad doesn’t work every time. There are many variables that the station can’t control—the offer, the timing of the campaign, and so on. If you were to buy this schedule, what results would you be looking for? How would you measure them? Let’s design a specific test.

23.4 Are we dealing with response or results? Radio delivers response—people who hear your ads and come to the store. Results depend, in part, on you. If someone comes in, doesn’t get waited on, doesn’t like the merchandise—then results will suffer—but you’ll still get response! What I will do to help increase results are to meet with your salespeople and let them hear the ad. I’ll also leave a printed copy of the ad here so they are aware of it. That will help increase results. When is your next staff meeting?

23.5 If that’s true…all these people (show advertiser list) must really be mistaken!! Look at the names…and look at these success letters! Maybe we need to take another look at an accountable, results-oriented campaign for you.

23.6 Really?? Radio works well, nationally, for your business category. Here are some examples. Let’s look at what these people did, and see how we can adapt these ideas to you.

23.7 I’ll make you this offer. We will air 9 ads a day for the next 10 days. If you get no response—I mean not one person calls…I will run you another 10 days, 9 times a day for half price. That will snow you that our station works.

23.8 What would it take to prove to you that it does work?

23.9 Please…don’t let the _____advertisers that get results using our station hear you say that!


24.1 What’s going to be different a month from now? Exactly why will your decision be easier then, than now?

24.2 I’m sorry—I haven’t done a good enough job of showing you the benefits of this plan. If I had, you’d be ready to start right now. What questions can I answer for you?

24.3 Are you saying that you don’t want additional traffic? Movement of more product? You don’t want the cash register to start ringing RIGHT NOW? Why wait until next month? Haven’t we been through this before?

24.4 I’m sorry…this program’s rates and offer expire this Thursday afternoon at 4:30 PM. What will you need NOW to take advantage of this exceptional plan?

24.5 Great! Would this call next month be for setting up an order for two months from now? Great! But since that’s a busy time for us, just initial the order and we will have you on the air the first of that month!

24.6 Is your competition waiting? They are aggressively gaining market share now. What do you hope to gain by waiting?

24.7 Is it a matter of money? Let me explain our credit plan…

24.8 You’re not just saying that to get me to leave, are you? What specifically do you like about this plan? What questions do you have?

24.9 You’re busy and so am I. Let’s set up a time now.

24.10 I’m sorry to hear you want to wait another month. It must mean more tough months ahead like you’re having now. Without any new customers willing to give your business a try. Can you really put up with this kind of business that much longer?

24.11 I can call you next month, but do you have your eyes set on a specific start date or campaign? You know, we only air XX commercials an hour. They go fast. Let’s pencil something in now.


25.1 I respect your opinion. Isn’t the real issue what we can do for your business; how we can improve traffic and sales?

25.2 I understand. And as a successful businessperson, I know you have the ability to separate the person from the situation. Here’s how we can be a valuable asset to your business….

25.3 I’m sure that several of our listeners and advertisers share your feelings. They also know the great benefits we bring to their operations. Isn’t that what’s most important.

25.4 That’s why I’m talking about traffic, sales and profits, not personalities. Let’s talk about what we can do for your business….

25.5 What is it that bothers you/ Is it an issue that you and he/she can resolve? Is that a reason not to access our vast number of listeners each week?

25.6 You eat out every so often, don’t you? Do you like every item at every restaurant? I didn’t think so. But you still eat out, don’t you? Isn’t the real issue one of what we can do for your business?

25.7 You know what? There are occasions when I disagree with our owner, too. After I think about things for awhile, I can see where the many positive things outweigh a negative thing. Let’s look at what we can do to build your business, instead of looking at personal differences.

25.8 I don’t always like my owner either. However, our radio station gets results and that’s the real issue here, isn’t it?

25.9 Quite frankly, there are several times I think my manager is a real “different” individual. I try to look beyond that and focus on his/her ability to design a station that brings bodies into area businesses!

25.10 You and I both. But, let’s just keep that between the two of us!


26.1 Do you work on that basis with your other advertising media? Does the paper work that way? Why do you want us to do that?

26.2 I’m sorry. If I had done my job of convincing you that we can get you results, you wouldn’t need to hedge your bet like that. What questions or doubts do you have about us?

26.3 It sounds like you’re not sure that we will work hard for you. Is that why you made me that offer? What do I need to do to earn your trust and confidence?

26.4 Are you concerned about our level of commitment? Let me explain that our business is built on repeat business. If you run with us and aren’t happy, you won’t run again, and that means we both lose. We can’t survive by selling people a bill of goods one time. What concerns you about this program we have put together.

26.5 Here’s what I can do to ensure success…we will run a two week schedule, ten ads per day on our station. If you see absolutely no response…not ONE call…I’ll re-run the schedule for half price and I won’t call on you again. Agreed?

26.6 What would be a fair percentage? For me? The announcer? The writer? The producer? By the time you got done with all those percentages, you would have paid us all your profit. The fairest way for us to work together is based on our rate card, isn’t it?

26.7 Is this how you work with YOUR customers?

26.8 What you’re really saying here is you’re not convinced this will be successful for you. What is it specifically about the program that makes you feel that way?

26.9 Unfortunately, because of the specific variables we can’t control (whether or not your salespeople sell well, weather, competitive situations, reputation) selling campaigns on a per inquiry basis is against our company policy.


27.1 I certainly wouldn’t leave something as important as your marketing plan to a fax. Isn’t it worth seven minutes of your time to review it in person?

27.2 I understand you’re busy. At the same time, if a plan came along that you were convinced would make you money, you’d want to see it, wouldn’t you? Seven minutes to look this over in person isn’t unreasonable, is it?

27.3 It sounds to me like you’re not really that interested…what questions do you have about us? What WOULD interest you?

27.4 I’m sorry…company policy says that sending information to someone in the local area is grounds for immediate dismissal. I’ll have to present it myself. Is this afternoon or tomorrow good for you?

27.5 If I were to do that, no one would be there to answer your questions or concerns; nor to highlight the many benefits of this plan. Can we get together today or tomorrow?

27.6 What specifically are you looking for? What would make up a proposal that you would like? What are your expectations from us?

27.7 I don’t have a proposal for you! We don’t use “canned” packages or one-size-fits-all programs. When it comes to your business, we know you want something tailored just for you. When can we meet to talk about that?

27.8 You and I both know that my having to fax it to you means your interest on a 1-10 scale must be in the “3” area, right? If you were me and you wanted to get you to buy, what would you do?

27.9 The phone on our fax is restricted from the local area. Our managers feel anything in the local area should be dealt with in person. I know you’re busy, and quite frankly…so am I…but I still consider presenting this to you in person to be an “A” priority. What’s better for you, mornings or afternoons?


28.1 Well, how have you tried to measure radio’s results before?

28.2 How do you measure results on TV? Cable? Other media? Here’s how we will monitor your campaign…

28.3 The question is really how well your whole campaign works, isn’t it? Let’s discuss your goals, and each element of your advertising to see how we can help you succeed.

28.4 We can talk about results and response. Radio delivers great response…you can see it in new customers, increased traffic, and more phone calls. Results depend on what happens to the customers when they get here. To help ensure good results, I am willing to do a meeting for your staff—let them hear the ad—and leave a printed copy of the script here in the store. We will monitor activity on your specials carefully. What other things would you suggest?

28.5 I understand. It would be great if advertising were an exact science. Since it isn’t, we need to stack the deck in our favor as much as possible. What questions do you have about our plan?

28.6 Is that a reason not to use us? What kinds of results are you looking for?

28.7 How about airing a “No…Just Looking Sale.” We’ll promote your price and item specials. Then, we’ll let listeners know that the only way they can quality for those special prices is when your sales people say, “Can I help you?” The person has to say, “No…just looking.” Anyone who says that can qualify for the special prices and you’ll know the campaign worked.

28.8 Yes, testing is hard. However, consider this: put a familiar voice in the commercial. Promote a specific item. Use a special phone number in the commercial. Please—pick the right merchandise to test. Be sure employees are educated and during your post-analysis, be sure you’re comparing applies to apples. This is a thumbnail sketch of how a test may produce the information you need.


29.1 That’s like sticking your big toe in the swimming pool to test the water! Until you jump in, you don’t know how cold the water is. Here is how we can make our station work for you.

29.2 Do you advertise to test advertising? Of course not! You advertise to sell things. So the key is to design a strong campaign, right? Here are our plans for you…

29.3 You must have some questions or reservations about our station that cause you to say that. What are they?

29.4 You’re not really testing radio—you’re testing the copy and offers against a specific audience. The ratings services have tested the audience…so now we need to look at what we’re going to promote and how we’re going to say it.

29.5 Then let’s make sure we are advertising things that people want and need, and are buying now. Promoting these items will increase your store traffic and sales.

29.6 What kind of response are you looking for? In direct mail, for example, 2% response is considered excellent. What specific rate of return do you expect from use? How will it be measured?

29.7 Then we need to set up the following criteria:

29.7.1 How many of these do you sell weekly without advertising?
29.7.2 How many of these do you need to sell to make this investment successful?
29.7.3 What is the value of one new customer to you?
29.7.4 What is your average daily traffic?
29.7.5 What is your average daily sale?
29.7.6 What is your closing ratio?
29.7.7 What is the most important thing for this campaign to accomplish?

Once we know all of these figures, then we can better measure the success of our


30.1 I’m sorry. It must have been another salesperson who is no longer with us. That’s why I’m here now. What would I need to do differently to be a hero in your eyes?

30.2 What are your expectations of me as your rep? What do you expect from both me and the radio station?

30.3 What was done wrong? Let me look at the file and see what I can do to make things right on your next schedule.

30.4 How do you handle these situations when they come up in your business? I/m prepared to take that same type of decisive action now to earn your confidence.

30.5 That’s why I want to review this checklist with you:

30.5.1 We will approve copy on (date). OK?
30.5.2 We will approve the recorded copy on (date). OK?
30.5.3 The schedule starts on (date). Right?
30.5.4 I will conduct a service call on (date) OK?

Now, is there anything that I have left out?

30.6 Here is not only my telephone number at the office, but at my home as well. Here is my manager’s name. In between my visits and calls, I want you to feel free to call if you have any questions or problems.
30.7 Here’s who I’ve assembled to work on behalf of your account:

30.7.1 Marketing Assistant….
30.7.2 Traffic Director….
30.7.3 Production Director….
30.7.4 Copywriter….
30.7.5 Voice Talent….
30.7.6 Research Assistant….
Call any of us at anytime if you have a question or need assistance. Does that give you a better feeling about our commitment to you?

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