While this method of cold calling works for any station, we are going to focus on a single AM radio station

“We are a single AM station….” “We are a single focused marketing company with an incredible AM radio station”

In my cold calling I start this way:

“Mr. Advertiser, I’ve done a little preliminary research and I think that by us working together we can both put a few coins in our pockets (you better have done the research). But there is some specific knowledge I need and I need just ten minutes face to face with you to get figure this out. I promise your time will not be wasted. I have 10 minutes open Wednesday at 3. ”

What I personally would do with $50K, Mr. Advertiser (All the numbers below are arbitrary):

Lets use 18 hours per day.
Three ads every hour is 54 ads, $162 per day.
Run Saturday through Thursday (six days per week)
STAY OFF FRIDAY!!!! leave that for the car dealers.

Now the hard part:
Rotate no less than 9 pieces of copy.
Change ALL copy every two weeks!

Do this, the campaign will succeed. Want to test me on this?

1: Put that schedule in NOW
2: The product is yourself
3: Write 9 ads about yourself
4: Change copy every two weeks

Trust me, if you sell yourself the way I am asking, you will see what it does for you. Then you can preach what it will do for THEM!

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