influence FM is in a radio station. Our software divisions operate out of Murphy Broadcasting a 7 station group in Arizona. The advantage to the software company is that we get to see first hand the successful campaigns that make the radio stations money. So we thought to ourselves “why not share this with our radio friends?”. So here you go, 5 ideas that will make you easy money in 30 days or less:

1) Entertainment Co-op – This piece for us is called “Lake Havasu Happenings”. This has been a way for us to find advertisers with traditionally tight budgets to co-op about a six 60 second spots that we run in rotation. This gives the business, charity, etc…. a 10 second spot in the 60 second co-op. So 6 advertisers including the sponsor. We speak to events, meal specials, happy hour, charity drives and so on. We charge $250 per advertiser PLUS an additional 750.00 for the sponsor.

Example: This is Havasu Happenings Brought to you by The Avi Hotel and Casino.

While 250.00 a month may not initially seem like much, We run basically 25 businesses in the co-op plus the sponsor, that’s $7K a month. We limit it to businesses that fit the mold. Basically, We do not allow sales of anything that is not event, concert, food or bar related on the co-op.

2) Summer Safety – These are programs where we sell mass numbers of 15 second spots to run the 10 days leading up to Memorial, July 4th and Labor Day. These packages are sold at $299 for Best Time and Day available multi-station or 349.00 for a single station. These are feel-good messages with a slight call to action at the end.

Example: The Team at Keller Williams realty would like to remind you not to drink and drive this holiday weekend. The life you save just maybe someone you love. Keller Williams Arizona Realty. Keller Williams AZ realty dot Com.

These packages are easy to sell and low on production as we have most record their message right on the spot. We sold about 100 of these packages. Makes for a nice 30K while still serving the public interest.

3) Holiday Messages – Similar to the summer package but running from 10 days out from Christmas to the weekend after the new year. These messages tend to focus on drinking and driving, veterans abroad, less fortunate (Giving), etc. The package is higher in the winter at about $549

4) The weekend Shout (Formally Own the station) – This is to compete and combat the newspaper through mass frequency. This is a program we release about once a quarter and it is generally good for an additional 15K to 20K.

5) Medical Moments – While this may be a freebie initially, it is a loss leader that leads to medical dollars being spent on your station. We bring in doctors/dentist/medical specialist etc, that we do an interview with based on their area of expertise. So in the summer, We may bring in a dermatologist to speak to the dangers of sunburns, skin cancer, prevention, etc… We usually record a 5-minute interview and reduce it to 2 ninety-second spots (part one and two) as sort of a PSA. We play those in rotation for a couple of weeks and make sure they know when it’s airing. We convert about 50% of these to on-air PAYING clients. The interview plays to their ego, much as a magazine does with their pictures….. But what’s best is they more often than not have several patients and colleagues tell them they heard the interview. Nearly a slam dunk at that point.

Do you have any promotions that are quick and easy? Share them in a comment below.


Download some examples below:

Summer Safety Package_Dom The Weekend Shout

The Weekend Shout

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