100% Free radio sales training

If your like most radio stations it is getting harder and harder finding good sales reps. That is why Chris Rolando and influence FM wanted to make it a bit easier for you. It is 100% free world class radio sales training in a box. Have your new rep trained in as little as 14 days. When they finish they will get a certificate. If your looking to get their test results simple email us at info@influencefm.com or call 888 244 0436 (ext 2) and we will get them to you right away!

Why not have candidates trained when they walk through the door? Run these ads on your station to encourage your community to go to RadioSalesSchool.com and become trained in radio sales. Of course you do not have to use these ads, we just are looking to make your life easier!

Run these ads on your station:

Learn to sell radio PSA’s
Radio Sales School 60 2
If you had skills that allowed you to make one hundred thousand dollars a year would it cure some of your current problems? Could it allow you to take nice vacations? Could you spend more time with your family? At radiosalesschool.com you can learn valuable skills that will allow you to make seventy thousand dollars a year with just confidence and a smile. Possibly one hundred thousand a year if you really master your skills. The deal is this, all businesses want more money to solve financial problems, all business owners want to take nice vacations and spend more time with their families. Just like you they are humans. You can solve their problems by getting their message out about their great services that help people, with radio ads! Radiosalesschool.com will show you how to help local businesses all the while allowing you have a better life and make a lot more money. Radiosalesschool.com is 100% free! How easy is it to sell radio and how effective is radio? Well are you ready to go to radiosalesschool.com and improve your life?Audio: Radio Sales School 60 2
Learn to sell radio PSA’s
Radio Sales School 30
Want a new career without going back to school for 4 years? Want to get a great education without paying a dime? In as little as a few weeks you can be trained in selling radio and making 70k plus a year with just a smile and confidence. All you have to do is go to radiosalesschool.com and enroll for free. That is right radiosalesschool.com is absolutely FREE! Take the course and you are guaranteed a interview with this radio station! Don’t be stuck in life, get a new career for free at radiosalesschool.com. Just smile and say radiosalesschool.com!Audio: Radio Sales School 30
Learn to sell radio PSA’s
Radio Sales School 60
Are you unhappy with your job or career? Feel you’re stuck and in order to get out you would have to go back to school for 4 years? RadioSalesSchool.com has a solution for you. A simple 3 week long Radio Sales Boot Camp & you could be on your way to making 70 thousand dollars or more a year with this radio station. All you need is confidence and a computer! Radiosalesschool.com will teach you everything you need to know and will guarantee you an interview at this radio station. You might be surprised but WE NEED YOU! We need people that want more time to spend with their family. We need people that want to take long expensive vacations, we want people that need to sleep at night not only knowing all their bills are paid but actually have money in a savings account. Go to radiosalesschool.com and get your certificate in as little as 3 weeks. And it is free! Again the course is 100% free. To top it off you can take it as many times as you like!  Train anywhere, Anytime. RadioSalesSchool.com is your free solution to a better life!Audio: Radio Sales School 60  1

Conclusion: influence FM is all about making our fellow broadcasters life easier. RadioSales School.com is just another great tool we provide for free and it will ALWAYS be free!

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