It worked so well we stopped doing it!

Question! Question! Question!

You want to know the most powerful sales tool known to mankind and why is it one of the hardest things to do?  It is why some people make great salespeople and others just run interference with the process. We know what it is.  We just forget!

Here it is:  Simple, ask more questions!

Stop pontificating (hard for most of us) and listen.  Prepare questions that can be used to help your client (or wife, for that matter) develop a plan.  A plan that has sustainability and serves the client in achieving THEIR goals.

Once you ask the question, shut up and listen.  Ask the second clarifying question…and then do it again.  The potential client will tell you how to sell them if you will just listen.

Don’t answer your own questions.  Show them the respect of writing down their answers and clarifying them.

Here are some great but simple questions:

  1. What is the single largest misconception about your business that drives you crazy?
  2. How did you attract your current customers?
  3. Where do your customers come from?
  4. What does your perfect customer look like?
  5. Why did you get into this business?
  6. How can I earn your business?
  7. What sales/promotion has been your top producer?
  8. Why?
  9. Why?
  10. Why?
Written By: Rick Murphy – Radio Sales Specialist and FM Station Owner For Over 40 Years
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