The average sale is made on the 5th contact. The average salesman quits after two.

    Closing 2
    CNA 2
    Closing 3

Three completed CNAS per week will give you the information to make Three ANNUAL Closing calls the NEXT week, which are to be made with three produced spec ads each (9 ads total) which will result in an average closing ration of 33% despite the dollars asked for.

When you get a Rate objection or a COPY objection they are BOTH buy signs! Go back to open ended questions right away!

What you say times how many times you say it is the only thing that works in advertising today – Dave Gifford

ALWAYS have a plan for what’s next for EACH client, even if it is to just remind you in three weeks to do something.

Start your morning READING before you get to the station. Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Consumerist, Entrepreneur, Market Watch, Mashable. Use the app Flipboard on your cell phone or tablet

Be able to quote Radio Reach and Frequency stats from Nielsen.

A presentation on one sheet of paper is USELESS!

Here is some data on what it takes to make a sale in Radio Advertising:

What Does It Take To Make A Sale in Radio Advertising


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