Radio Station Management Solutions

Our radio station management software was built to sell more radio ads and allows complete oversight of station operations:


ConnectContact Relationship Management Software For Radio Stations: 

How do you keep track of your clients, prospects and make sure they are being seen? The number of appointments for clients and leads can be daunting. influence FM developed a CRM system that was specifically designed for radio stations. Our easy to use system allows sales reps to access crucial information from anywhere and force accountability. 

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ProductionProduction Order System For Radio Stations:

Our production order system will save you hundreds of hours each year, increase productivity, decrease redundancies, and most of all help everyone work smarter. Now, how much is that worth? We know…it’s priceless! Our production system allows you to store the copy, audio, and contract in one location FOREVER. Want to know what spot ran 5, 10, 25 years ago? Simply search with the client’s name and bada-bing!

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SmartRateContract Writer/Rate Card Generator For Radio Stations: 

With the multiple air times, radio stations, and clients, rates and schedules can become very complex. In fact, it is humanly impossible to run all of the rate scenarios necessary to find the best deal possible for your clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to make the process of writing a contract as easy as sending an email?

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WikiCopy40,000 Ad Copy Library For Radio Stations: 

How much time during the year is wasted on writer’s block? WikiCopy provides broadcasters with over 40,000 pieces of ad copy in every category under the sun. With a simple search, a rep can access ads for all of their clients. As you already know, we are selling ideas…not air time! Somewhere within our WikiCopy library is a great idea for a business you haven’t sold yet! Say good bye to wasted time and hello to easy and creative ad writing.

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