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Recently Available Features

Add your bio and image:

You can now add your image and bio to your profile, this way when the presentation builder is released you can include this on presentations. It will also be useful on features to come in the future.

Add history to a client without creating an appointment:

If you go to your client list and click action and then “view history” you will now see the option to add notes to the history without creating an appointment. You can also add history to clients that you do not own that are in the open prospect list.

Sort the main employee drop down alphabetically:

In the past, the system organized the main employee drop down by office and then it was alphabetical. Now you can simply sort the employee list by one long alphabetized list. This is very handy for station groups with multiple offices.

Upload Multiple Files to the Production Order System:

You can upload as many files you like to the PO system and any type of file you like. For example; if you have an ad that has a female voice, a male voice, a jingle and pdf (for instructions for the spot) you can now upload all of those files to one production order. You can even upload the DAW files, so editing commercials in the future if need be is a breeze! Long story short this now keeps all your files in one easy to organize library.

Lastly, if you upload multiple versions of the spot and only one needs to be on the air, you will notice stars that show next to each file, use the star to indicate to traffic that is the file to be used to put on the air.


In Development (development release dates are estimates)

While we try our best to predict how long it will take to get a product to market, it is nearly impossible to judge this with 100% accuracy because of the inherent issues with programming and unforeseen problems and bugs. Since new features are typically not critical to a radio station doing business, bugs take precedent over new features.

Presentation Builder: Expected Release 1/15/2016

The presentation builder beta version will be out 1/15/2016. This is one of our most exciting products and it has been a long time coming. While the beta version will be impressive indeed, we will continue to collect feedback and improve it exponentially the next few months.

After the initial beta release expect awesome animation with images and text, also a ton of flexibility with multimedia!

Instant Chat With Your Fellow Employees: Expected Release 2/5/2016

The ability to instantly chat with the people you work with from within the influence FM system will increase productivity plus save frustration by having a very quick way to communicate about clients, contract and production orders.

Gamify and Dashboard for influence FM: Expected Release 4/30/2016

To try to make an incentive for reps and to make the influence FM CRM more enjoyable and rewarding we are adding gaming elements to our system. Basically we are making the system into a slot machine. When a rep makes a sale, finishes a cna or something else that management has decided is point worthy that rep will earn badges and points. Those points the rep then will be able to spend at a store (if the station decides to turn the store feature on). The store can be set up to sell, for example, days off, trade at the local steak house or maybe the station has some golf clubs. To get to the point, the system will now be fun!

influence FM Traffic: Expected Release 4th quarter 2016

This is the first time we have put in public that we are working on our own traffic system. Not much details at this time but adding our own traffic system will truly make the influence FM system seamless when it comes to radio station operation.

More news coming in a few weeks!


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