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We have confidence!

We are so confident that you will love influence FM that we never make you sign a contract. 90% of stations that sign up never leave us!

Have More Questions? We Hope This Helps.

You can always call us as well at 888-244-0436

Do you offer a la carte with influence FM?

Currently no, we do not. However you do not have to use any one of our products to use our system. If you are not fond of certain features simply do not use them.

Do you interface with any traffic systems?

Yes, we currently have seamless integration with Marketron, meaning you can import your contracts directly from influence FM into any of Marketron’s traffic systems. We also allow import of collections and projections from ANY traffic system!

What else do you offer?

We are glad you asked. Looking to train a new rep or bone up on your sales skills? Then check out the new, it is 100% FREE! If you are interested you can sign up here

What else do you guys have up your sleeve?

A ton of new services will be rolled out very soon and we will keep everyone posted on the progress of the projects.

Need More Answers?

Call us at (888) 244-04FM [0436]

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