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Digital and printable presentations for instant professionalism
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Create presentations on the fly from your computer or mobile devices. Imagine, every potential client receiving an amazing presentation on every pitch. Would this increase closing ratios? How about dollar ratios?

In Order to Succeed, You Have to Impress Your Clients More Than the Next Guy!

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Beautiful digital presentations for radio station sales

Looking professional and having the time to do it is a time intensive task. influence FM’s presentation builder does it all for you with just a click of the mouse. Our presentation builder is built as a true html5 website that looks like months were spent on putting together these amazing presentations. They can include video, audio and contact forms but best of all contracts can be attached and the client can sign electronically and submit them back to the rep and management!

+ Digital Presentations
+ Elegant and Robust Digital Options
+ Embedded video
+ Embedded audio (sample or spec spots)
+ Contact forms
+ 150 plus fonts
+ Looks great on all devices
+ Electronic signatures
+ Integrated with smart rate and production

Already Have an Amazing Presentation?

We will import your content from your current presentation and make it look elegant and modern in the digital world.

The Rundown

Custom, professional presentations can be expensive… and creating them in-house can be a slow and frustrating process. But with our cloud-based Presentation Builder software, you can quickly and easily create stunning presentations to win over even your most discerning clients! Even better, customizing your presentations for each client is as easy as a few clicks of your mouse!

Your clients expect well-crafted presentations… but creating them on your own can be extremely time-consuming. And if you outsource presentation creation, the costs can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve created a software system that lets you generate stunning, customized presentations for your clients without all of the expense and headaches! Our cloud-based Presentation Builder software gives you the power to easily create stunning presentations fast… and turn even the most hesitant prospect into a loyal client! You can customize each presentation with just a few mouse clicks, helping you make your presentations as unique as your clients!

Make boring data beautiful and easy to understand.

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connect: A CRM for radio advertising sales

CRM For Radio

Automate your sales team, client list & grow revenue.

Radio Rate Cards

Get longer and deeper buys and more annuals signed.

Digital PO's

Never let PO’s fall through the cracks ever again.

200k Copy Library

Never get writer’s block again. Save hours a week.

Effectively Present Your Ideas

Make the influence FM presentation builder your secret weapon

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